At a glance....

All events at Music & Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall unless otherwise noted

Saturday, June 24

06:00 PM Conference Check In and Welcoming Reception at the REEF

Sunday, June 25

08:00 AM Conference Check In

08:45 AM Opening Remarks

09:00 AM Session 1: Marine Disease

10:25 AM Session 2: Vector-borne Diseases: Sponsored by VectorBiTE RCN

01:15 PM Session 3: Climate Change and Disease: Sponsored by ISEECI

02:40 PM Session 4: Wildlife and Plant Disease

04:15 PM Poster Session

6:45 PM Informal Plenary Meeting: Teaching Disease Ecology

Monday, June 26

08:00 AM Conference Check In

08:30 AM Keynote Lecture

09:10 AM Hike- see hike page for details

02:00 PM Session 5: Theoretical Disease Ecology

03:30 PM Session 6: Evolution

5:00 PM National Science Foundation Q&A Session

06:30 PM Banquet

Tuesday, June 27

07:00 AM Fun Run at the dorm beach stairs. The fun run course can be found here.

08:30 AM Conference Check In

09:00 AM Session 7: Evolutionary Medicine: Sponsored by Tri-CEM

10:40 AM Session 8: Conservation Biodiversity and Disease

01:15 PM Session 9: Ecological Levers For Health: Sponsored by SNAPP

04:10 PM Social Mixer

06:00 PM Invitational dinner


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