Visiting Santa Barbara

The University of California, Santa Barbara is adjacent to the beach town of Isla Vista, which is about 15 minutes drive by car or one bus ride away (Bus number 24x) from downtown Santa Barbara. International Flights connect to Santa Barbara through LAX (Los Angeles) and SFO (San Francisco). There are also multiple options for traveling from LAX (the closest international airport) to Santa Barbara.  The Santa Barbara AirBus (~US$100 round trip per person) ( is a convenient, comfortable and scenic drive. In addition, an option is to rent a car at LAX (~US$50/day for car, 2 hours drive from LAX to UCSB, parking costs will be extra).

We can expect moderate weather in June (or almost any other time) in Santa Barbara. Days will be warm and sunny with highs about 26C. You will probably want to bring a hat and sunscreen. There is occasional fog in summer in Santa Barbara, and evenings can be cool (average low about 16C). You will want to bring a jacket. It rarely rains in summer in Santa Barbara.



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